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The Intersection of Hwy 63 and Hwy 70 in Spooner will be closed through May 2022. After the intersection being open, Hwy 63 will be closed from Greenwood Road to Popular Street. Please see the Maps and descriptions of the detours. 

Coming from South

Hwy 63 - North

Greenwood  - East

Woodlawn  - **South

Bay Ave/W Beaver - East

S Front Street - North

Hwy 70 - East

Roundhouse Road - North

E Hazel Street - West (cross 63)

N Summit - South

Hwy K - South

Pine Street - East

Map to Office1024_1.jpg
Map from North1024_1.jpg

Coming from the North

Hwy 63 - South

Popular Street - West

Hwy K - South

Pine - East