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Photo of tooth boxes that are used for kids to take home their extracted teeth



Finding a dentist to take a tooth out shouldn't be like "pulling teeth". 

Seriously, at River Street Dental, we make every effort to get you in right away if your tooth is hurting.

Dr. Carroll brings over nine years of experience in Oral Surgery.  From routine extractions to impacted wisdom teeth Dr. Carroll performs extractions with compassion, confidence and skill. 

(And, yes, we do offer nitrous oxide!) 

If you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment, contact us at 715-635-8282



A tooth extraction may be recommended by Dr. Carroll for several reasons in order to maintain the overall health of your mouth.

Some of these reasons may be:

  • Infection – A tooth may need to be extracted if tooth decay has reached to the pulp, which is the center of the tooth that contains the nerves and blood vessels. Extraction will help prevent the further spread of tooth decay.

  • Risk of infection – A tooth may need to be extracted if you have a low immune system from chemotherapy or an organ transplant. The risk of infection may be worth extracting the tooth in order to prevent it from spreading.

  • A crowded mouth – Teeth may need to be extracted in order to prepare the mouth for braces or to make room for teeth that are trying to break through the gums.


Dr. Carroll will numb the area where your tooth is in order to lessen the discomfort from the extraction. At River Street Dental, we also have nitrous oxide gas available to help you relax. After the extraction, you will be asked to bite down on cotton gauze for 30 minutes to allow clotting in the area.


**Please note – although extractions are needed for the above reasons, extractions are not the first choice for dental pain and problems. Keeping your own teeth by doing Root Canal Therapy, crowns or fillings in the long term is less expensive then replacing missing teeth with bridges, partials, dentures or implants. Feel free to ask one of our business assistants to assist you in setting up payment plans for your dental treatment.

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