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Update - 9/8/2021


Dr. Carroll and the team at River Street Dental are committed to your safety during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic.


At River Street Dental we have always exceeded CDC and OSHA recommendations for all areas of our office. These recommendations of hand washing, using PPE, and disinfection will continue and we have increased general cleaning and disinfection procedures throughout our entire office.

At River Street Dental we are following Washburn County guidelines and State of Wisconsin mandates for mask wear. All of our team members will wear masks while in our office. It is recommended that our patients wear masks up until the time that they are receiving dental treatment and replace the mask after their treatment is complete. You will also notice when you enter our reception area that there are only four chairs present. This is to allow for social distancing. If you feel more comfortable, you may wait in your car and let us know to call you on your cell phone when we are ready for you. We have also removed the magazines and coffee during this time.

Additionally, all of our team members are screened each morning before work for their temperature and to make sure that they do not have symptoms. We also will screen each patient that comes into our office by signing that they attest to not having COVID symptoms and we also check each patient's temperature before their appointment. And, each patient will swish with a hydrogen peroxide mouth rinse before we begin their treatment. 


Due to the pandemic we have installed extra oral suctions in each treatment room and ultraviolet air purification systems in each of our HVAC air systems in our office. The extraoral suction stops 99.99% of viruses and germs that are generated in a dental office setting.

At River Street Dental we do feel that it is safe for you to come to your dental appointment during this time. If you do not feel comfortable, however, please give us a call to ask us any questions about these enhanced procedures and protocols. We are happy to walk you through them or reschedule your appointment for a time that is right for you.

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